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Welcome to the Scottish Space Network (SSN), a hub for all things space sector related in Scotland. Launched in 2022, SSN has quickly become the singularity for Scottish space news, events and opportunities, supporting the country's dynamic space industry and those that work within it.

At SSN, we are more than just a network, we are ecosystem builders and supporters, dedicated to fostering growth, innovation, and collaboration. Our mission is rooted in three fundamental pillars:


Promotion | Investment | Talent


We aim to shine a light on Scotland's thriving space sector, celebrating the exceptional companies, passionate entrepreneurs, and groundbreaking products and services that are accelerating Scotland global presence and capability in this area. Our focus is on amplifying achievements, advocating for industry initiatives and hosting vibrant events to keep the sector well and truly in the spotlight!


Understanding the critical role of funding in early-stage startups, SSN will bridge the gap between innovative Scottish space enterprises and potential investors. Whether you're seeking seed capital or preparing for a significant funding round, SSN acts as your gateway to investment opportunities, offering guidance in becoming investor ready and connecting with the interested investors.


The heart of any successful industry or company lies in its people. We are committed to attracting and nurturing talent within the space sector. From delivering STEM based initiatives within higher eduction, showcasing exciting career opportunities to providing tools for effective recruitment, our goal is to ensure that Scottish space companies attract and retain the brightest minds. Importantly we want to ensure no one is left behind and 'Space is for all'! We are therefore passionate about supporting underrepresented communities and young people from socio-economic areas of deprivation to feel every bit as equal to everyone else in the sector in Scotland.


Check out our NEW talent platform (in BETA)  HERE

Embedded in all our activities is our vibrant, connected network, pulsating with discussions, events, and collaborations that bind these elements together. Our comprehensive ecosystem support ensures that no matter your role in Scotland's space sector, SSN is here to support your journey to the stars – and beyond!

Explore our detailed pages on Promotion, Investment, and Talent to see how SSN can propel your space ambitions to new heights.

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