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Seeking Investment?

Fostering Growth in Scotland's Space Sector

At the Scottish Space Network, we are committed to nurturing the innovation and growth of early-stage space sector companies. We understand the pivotal role of seed and early-stage capital in transforming your ambitious vision into a tangible and thriving business. Our network bridges the gap between visionary Scottish space startups and keen investors, both locally and internationally.


Recognising the diverse needs and unique potential of each startup, we actively engage with a range of investors to structure funding opportunities tailored to your venture’s specific requirements. Whether you are pushing the boundaries of satellite technology, developing advanced propulsion systems, or pioneering in space data analytics, the right investment can propel your venture to unparalleled heights.


Connect with Potential Investors

If you are a Scottish based Space Sector business and considering funding to scale your business, we are here to facilitate that important connection. Complete the form below to help us understand your funding needs and timescale. Our team will review your information and contact you to start the journey. Good luck!

Investment Enquiry Form*

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The small print

Non-Guarantee of Funding:
The Scottish Space Network acts as a facilitator to connect startups with potential investors. While we strive to find suitable matches, submission of this enquiry form does not guarantee funding. The final investment decisions rest solely with the investors.


Confidentiality Notice:
All information provided in this form will be treated with confidentiality. However, please avoid sharing sensitive or proprietary information.


Due Diligence Responsibility:
It is the responsibility of both companies and investors to conduct their own due diligence. The Scottish Space Network does not undertake due diligence checks and is not responsible for the verification of information provided by either party.


Advisory Role:
The Scottish Space Network provides support and connections in the investment process but does not offer financial, legal or investment advice. We recommend seeking professional advice before making any investment decisions.


Change of Terms:
The Scottish Space Network reserves the right to change or modify the terms and conditions of our investment facilitation services at any time without prior notice.

Inclusion in our network or use of our platform does not constitute an endorsement of any startup or investor. We do not explicitly recommend any parties or guarantee the success of any investment relationships formed.

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